Wednesday, September 14, 2011

MLB Weekend Series (September 16 - 18)

Deadline: Friday, September 16th at 7:00 p.m.

Yes, I know it is a four gamer that starts on Thursday, but I'm doing just the last three games so that I can keep the current scoring system. Plus, the games don't get any bigger than these do.

Tampa Bay Rays at Boston Red Sox

Actual Result:
Friday: Red Sox 4-3
Saturday: Rays 4-3
Sunday: Rays 8-5

Bandit: Red Sox, Red Sox, Rays (3pts)
Evan: Rays, Rays, Rays (3pts)
Gimpy: NONE, Red Sox, Rays (1pt)
Graves: NONE (0pts)
Jay: Red Sox, Red Sox, Rays (3pts)
Kubatski: Rays, Red Sox, Rays (1pt)
Kubatski III: Rays, Red Sox, Rays (1pt)
Kubatski Sr: Rays, Red Sox, Rays (1pt)
L-Train: Rays, Rays, Red Sox (1pt)
Marty: Rays, Red Sox, Rays (1pt)
Paulie: Red Sox, Red Sox, Red Sox (1pt)
Princess G: Red Sox, Rays, Red Sox (3pts)

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